Jamaal Digital Davis

I assist organizations in growing by understanding diverse user needs and ensuring product accessibility.
I specialize in Inclusive Design Innovation and User Experience (UX) Research.

My career in product design, data analytics, and storytelling, fueled by a passion for helping others, spans a decade and includes diverse projects in digital services and customer research. I am also a graduate of the University of Washington’s Inclusive Product Management Accelerator, focusing on diverse and inclusive innovation. For more details, see my resume.

I help with my skills

  • Understand how user research can transform your strategy and products, and why organizations struggle to integrate this crucial approach.
  • Build a plan for testing your ideas, KPI metrics , hypotheses and assumptions to ensure you aren’t just hearing what you want.
  • Know when to use different research methods (e.g., usability testing, interviews, A/B testing) to get the answers you need.
  • Recruit the right people. If you only listen to your biggest fans (or biggest critics), you’re missing out on essential input.
  • Presents results to get buy-in from stakeholders. Not everyone always wants to listen to what users have to say, but the best research is useless if no one is listening.

Discovery Research Budget Tier 1

$ 2900
  • 30 Surveys ($25 gift card)
  • 10 Interviews ($100 gift card)
  • Manual Research Participant Management
  • Manual Research Recruiting

Discovery Research Budget Tier 2

$ 5900
  • 50 Surveys ($50 gift card)
  • 15 Interviews ($100 gift card)
  • Promotional Products (Swag) through Vendor
  • Data Storytelling Insights

Discovery Research Budget Tier 3

$ 15K
  • 1000 Surveys ($100 gift card)
  • 20 Interviews ($100 gift card)​
  • Research Repository
  • Recruiting Panel Credits

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